We help banks build a 

customized, customer-centric sales culture.

Robert N. Erickson

President, Bank Training  

Who we are

Bank Training Associates has been partnering with community banks since 1985.  Our only mission is to provide community banks with the training and consulting needed to create and maintain a sales culture customized to their bank.  


Robert N. Erickson, President of Bank Training, offers a complementary background in banking, sales, public accounting, insurance and bank training and consulting.  His experience includes more than 14 years as a banker and over 27 years as a banking consultant and principal of Bank Training.  A seasoned seminar and convention presenter, he specializes in designing and maintaining customized bank selling environments. 

What we do

Our services include everything from initial individual staff training, to customized design of the bank's sales structure, to consulting support during and after the sales culture is active and functioning.
​We develop trained leaders within the bank that can effectively manage the bank’s own sales culture.  To put it simply, our goal is to train the bank’s employees so well that they no longer need our services.  


What our clients say about us

"As a bankers' association, it is our responsibility to offer only the highest quality programs available. For ten years we have utilized Bank Training as the company we use to provide sales training and consulting for our bankers.


As the Director of Education for the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT), I have worked closely with Bob Erickson for many of these past ten years. If someone were to ask me what one thing comes to mind at the mention of his name, I would reply, "his passion for community banking." He literally loves community banks and he believes with sales they can compete and excel against any competition. If you are looking for help with sales in your bank, to the highest degree possible, I recommend Bank Training."


- Julie Courtney

SVP - Education

Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Our clients

Bank Training is the training and consulting company utilized by numerous state banking associations and banks nationwide.  We work closely with state independent bank associations to provide sales training for their banks. We also partner with banks individually to transform the sales culture within their banks.


"Before utilizing Bank Training, our bank had had a "sales culture" for nearly 15 years. We had a history of changing sales programs each year because none of them were working for us. Obviously, this was detrimental to employee morale. From the beginning, now over eight years ago, the program has had a positive and long-lasting impact not only on the company but on individual employees as well. What we learned during the weeks that Bob spent in our bank was useful in developing the bank's sales culture, improving bank morale, and also in our personal lives. If your bank is looking to implement a sales culture for the first time or struggling with a sales culture that is not working for you, I strongly recommend Bank Training." 


- Jennifer

 North Carolina Banker

2010 - present

2010 - present

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